Baby Botox Innotox, Anti-Aging
  • Baby Botox Innotox, Anti-Aging

    Baby Botox refers to small doses of Botox injected into your face.

    It’s similar to traditional Botox, but it’s injected in smaller amounts.

    The aim of baby Botox is a face that looks smoother and younger without the “frozen” or “plastic” expression that can sometimes result from traditional Botox.


    Baby Botox works by delivering microdoses of botulinum toxin into the surface layers of the skin by using the Hydra Stamp (Korean analog of Aqua Gold) (a 5ml ampoule with 20 microneedles coated with 24k gold, 0.5mm long). The device delivers small amounts of botox below the skin surface.

    In this more diluted and superficial dose, botox works differently and functions more specifically on the upper layers of the skin for a softer and more natural look versus a frozen look created by using Botox to block muscle receptors. The result is skin that appears more relaxed, smoother, and glowing with improved skin tone and pore size.


    Product Purpose

    Prevent the appearance of wrinkles in areas prone to the formation of hernias (above the upper eyelid and under the eyes).

    Face and neck skin tightening.

    Fine lines & wrinkles (frown lines, neck, mental crease, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, under-eye, etc.). Shrinks pores. Decreased sebum production.

    Contradictions: Chronic and acute diseases in the acute stage; Autoimmune pathologies; Oncological diseases; Allergies; Lactation and pregnancy; tendency to keloid scars.

    How to use: A dosage of 50 units is calculated for face, neck and hairline area for one-time usage.

    Please, note that Hydra Stamp is for only one-time usage. After the procedure, throw the stamp away.

    • Mix Innotox 50U with saline 0.9% NaCl up to 5ml.
    • You can also use your cocktail of choice.
    • Fill the Hydra Stamp with the final solution.
    • Before applying the solution, please prepare your skin for the procedure:
    • Remove makeup and cleanse your face.
    • Soak the top of the applicator vial for 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol.

    Place the Hydra Stamp perpendicular to your face (90 degrees) lightly press and follow the massage lines.

    After the procedure wipes the face with antiseptic once again.

    Don't wash your face for 12 hours and don't visit the sauna for 7 days.



    Results are seen within 3-7 days after treatment. The procedure can be done every 3-7 months.


    Set includes:

    1. Innotox * 1 ea 2. Hydro Stamp 0.5 mm * 1 ea 3. Saline 0.9% NaCL * 1 ea

    This product cannot be returned.


    Storage Conditions:

    • Store Innotox Baby Botox in the fridge
    • Keep away from children and direct sunlight
    • Shelf life is 18 months
    • This product is single-use only
    • Don't put force or heavy pressure on the product

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