Lipo Lax+, Fat-dissolving solution

Lipo Lax+, Fat-dissolving solution

Fat-dissolving solution for the body.


Lipo Lax+ from Koru Pharma offers innovative fat-burning therapy based on natural lipolysis.

The product is lipolytic with a wide range of benefits for patients, who want to quickly and painlessly get rid of fat deposits.


Lipo Lax+ is suitable for:

✓ Abdomen

✓ Thighs

✓ Under the chin

✓ Upper neck

✓ Flanks

✓ Under the armpit

✓ Back

✓ Buttocks

✓ Under buttocks


Benefits of Lipo Lax+ injections:

  • Painless procedure
  • Effective elimination of fat deposits
  • Immediate and prolonged effect
  • Smooth and firm skin


After 3 treatment courses, your patients can remove body fat in combination with exercise and proper nutrition.


The product is designed for professional use by doctors and specialists.

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    C$169.98Sale Price